Sunday, January 5, 2014

Haiku Time - Week 2 Poem(s)

Four Haiku for this cold, cold week

one small, snuffed out life
I held him as he faded
it wasn't enough


I grew this flower
planted it inside of me
the thorns cut me still


O come, o come now
you shouldn't make me wait
torture is no cure


she won't stay this way
this small, this bright, this trusting
my one tragedy


  1. jon stewart made a joke that his daughter wrote her first song when she told him "your kiss feel like punishment" (when he had a beard) - apparently I live in clinical land enough that I first thought of domestic violence.. and then I thought of poetry.. what a tragic and beautiful line.. thanks for taking this poetry challenge!!

  2. Ha! MVT you are funny! "Your kiss feels like punishment" could definitely go places poetically! You should write something! share it here!